Here is my LoopDeLoop entry for January! LoopDeLoop is an international bimonthly animation competition. The theme was Sisters and it was sponsored by the Wandaa project, a group that focuses on supporting Women in Animation. Originally Tim and I were planning a collaboration that told a short story. It didn’t quite work out (which will be a blog entry in itself eventually) and so I used the few days before the deadline to pull this together. I’ve been doing a lot of skipping lately and I’ve been watching a lot of horror movies so this fell out of my brain. It was pretty fun to animate.


Here’s a gif that shows the process I used to create this particular animation. As you can see, it’s a gradual process of refining rough drawings until they achieve what they need to. The blue line work was rough as guts and purely there to experiment with the movement. The red are frames re-drawn closer to the character’s actual volume. Finally there is the final cleaned up line work in black where minor adjustments are made. Then it’s coloured.