Idea Development in Concept Art

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Yay, first blog post! So this exercise is about developing ideas through drawing.
The idea behind the design is a late1800’s French fishing submarine. The initial idea was to have a big wine barrel as the centre and have the whole thing look like a fat fish; but it wasn’t visually translating well. After talking to Levi I figured a better design would use a big net that looked like scales and treated like a belly of a fish, holding a catch of oysters.

Also bioluminescent sea creatures are super fascinating, so having a lit street lamp as the base of operations in the sub made the most sense. I figured since submarines really didn’t hit widespread use until the early 1900’s it would have been haphazardly built from whatever the creator could find, including the bicycle wheel inside working the tail (tour de France reference). Lastly the entry to the design is a cork, because French and wine and stuff.

I’m probably going to rework the design more and do a painted version, making it more a little more whimsical, but the next post for this project will be more of the environment that this sub takes place in.