We worked with our friends at Passel Media to produce this 2 minute animated video for Health SA. It was a relatively tight deadline and so Tim and I had to plan the scope of the project carefully but still ensue the video was still engaging and appealing visually.

Eventually, we had the idea of creating a ‘1 take’ walk cycle video, where we see a character going about their day, but also get a glimpse behind the scenes, where we see how Public Health is useful in the average persons daily life. The concept came with it’s share of challenges but ultimately came together very nicely.

On a personal note I’m pleased with the character animation in this piece. Using simple characters like this is often a little risky because without facial features, you need to be able to convey emotion and appeal though action and silhouette. We also made time to work on some interesting shot transitions wherever possible to keep the audience interested and on their toes. We also used a 3D planar system for the backgrounds to give each shot a sense of depth.

You can also see a 50 second cut below. This version was used for Health SA’s social media marketing campaign and met with a lot of success online.

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