Moon Animate Makeup is a project where an episode of Sailor Moon is separated into around 250 different shots. These shots are each sent to a different animator who could be anywhere the world, the animators each re-animate their designated shot in their own style. Each re-animated shot is then reassembled back into the full episode and as a result you have a weird experience of watching a full episode of Sailor Moon episode with no continuity or consistency. It’s insanely entertaining. A few friends of mine participated in it and I really wanted to be involved if it ever happened again. It turned out Moon Animate Makeup 2 was already happening and I was lucky enough to snap up a pretty amazing shot a few weeks before the projects deadline.

Here are the various stages of my shot:

There are a few really interesting fan projects that use this method. There’s a Scooby Doo one, a Dragon Ball Z one, a Simpsons/Akira one and a Star Wars one. I’d love to see a 90’s Batman: The Animated Series one. What’s unique this production method is the spontaneity. Each animator does something unique with the time they are given and as a result you get an art piece where no shot in the production is wasted. Where it can fail as a narrative, it succeeds in being a really entertaining art piece. There more abstract versions of this at This Exquisite Forest.

The final Moon Animate Makeup 2 is (so far) yet to be released BUT you can see my shot (070_056) at the top of this post.


EDIT: Moon Animate Makeup 2 is online and you can see it here!

Character Turnaround

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